Children need protection and support from our society

Sven, Kairi and Tristan ThorWe often have stories in the media about children who have been injured or even died due to negligence of other people. Children are the weakest and most vulnerable members of the society – hence, they need all the help and support we can give. Unfortunately, the society in Estonia starts only paying attention only after an article is published in the press about a kid run over by a car or abused by his stepfather.

If the police cannot cope with all the crimes, those committed against children must be recognized as a priority for investigation. Journalism has a duty to report events starting from the police action until the legal process. In addition, the punishments imposed on offenders must be in proportion with a sense of social justice.

We need to increase severity of punishments for people selling drugs to children and thereby ruining their lives. One of the election promises of Res Publica Party in 2002 was that there must be tougher punishments for crimes committed against children, including life imprisonment. I am sure it´s time to begin to fulfill the promises. I’m personally ready for it.

But one should not to concentrate only on crimes or drastic cases. Broadly speaking, the attention must be paid to the entire educational system, that it would not be too teacher-centered and outdated. Families must have more support and parent organizations stronger activation because who can protect the children better than their parents.