Small business needs protection and support

Sven SesterThe economy in Estonia is increasingly coming under the control of big groups. Meanwhile, new jobs are created just by small and medium enterprises. It is not acceptable to close down tens if not hundreds of small village meat industries due to the activity of some big meat processing plant. Including the fact that big milk and dairy producers harm small farmers as for the milk price.

Sven has told that entrepreneurship is the field he feels very strong at. He would be ready to ensure and support the interests of Estonian enterprisers who are aiming at vitalization of our economics and establishment of new job vacancies. Sven has been connected for years to EVEA (Estonian Association of SME’s) where he has served as a member of council as well as vice-president and president.

“The economy is based on a strong middle class and the latter in turn relies upon strong small and medium enterprises. In order to guarantee the development and the growth of the strong middle-class, the attention should be directed to the protection of small enterprises in Estonia, ” Sven says firmly.